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Ampco began after the discovery of a new bronze metal that was able to cut through steel in 1914. Ever since then they have been developing safety hand tools that are used in commercial and industrial applications counting: construction, demolition, electrical, plumbing, and more. Discover our selection of Ampco safety hand tools for your project at HomElectrical.

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12'' Bung Wrench
This reliable bung wrench is can easily tear apart containers. This wrench is an essential tool for those that frequently...
15'' Bung Wrench
This bung wrench is perfect for removing the bungs off of cannisters. This tool is also non-sparking and non- magnetic...
7'' x 2'' Flange Wedge
This flange wedge is an excellent tool for alligning your work appropriately. This tool is a great asset to the...
7 3/4'' x 1 1/2'' Flange Wedge
This reliable flange wedge is an excellent tool for angling windows and doors. This angle is great for workers because...
8'' Adjustable End Wrench
this adjustabel end wrench is an excellent tool for the handy man. This versatile tool is both non-sparking and non-mangentic....
10'' Adjustable End Wrench
This reliable and sturdy wrench is an excellent tool for the tool box. It will guarantee adequate pressure in a...
12'' Adjustable End Wrench
This adjustable end wrench is very reliable and capable of being used in a wide variety of situations. This wrench...
8" x 1 1/2" Flange Wedge
This flange wedge is expertly desgined to be effective for angling your doors and windows as well as providing reliable...
This versatily flange wedge is a great tool for a variety of situations. It is an excellent angling wedge for...
9.75-in Ball Pein Hammer w/ Fiberglass Handle, 0.25-in Head
Ampco's 9.75 inch ball pein hammer is designed to drive punches, set rivets, and shape metal in metalworking industries. Shop for a wide selection of hand tools from Ampco at HomElectrical today!
16-in Marlin Spike
Ampco's marlin spike is designed for untying knots, as a level to tension rope, and as a lever to open strands of laid rope. Shop HomElectrical for a wide selection of Ampco products today!
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6'' Adjustable End Wrench
This ultra effective wrench is great for the tool box as it offers powerful clamping potential. This wrench is non-sparking...
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Hand Chisel, 3/4 in Cutting Width
This hand chisel is an excellent tool for carving and breaking apart material. This chisel is non-sparking and non-magnetic. This...
Diagonal Cutting Pliers with Curved Grip
These diagonal cutting pliers are extremely durable and resilient. These cutting pliers can easily cut through cables and metal with...
Phillips Screw Driver, 3-in Shank
This extremely effective phillips screw driver is great for screwing in screws in tight locations. This screwdriver is also non-sparking...
Round Point Shovel with Fiber Glass Handle, 9 in Blade Width
This extremely durable and efficient shovel is great for plowing through grass or dirt. This shovel is non sparking and...
Square Point Shovel with Fiberglass Handle, 9 in Blade Width
This square point shovel is an excellent tool for plowing through dirt and debris. This shovel is non-sparking and non...
Stiff Spatula with 6-in Blade
This durable and effective spatula is great for scraping off tough grime and debris. The stiff blade allows for easy...
7'' x 2 '' Flange Wedge
This flange wedge is an effective tool for alligning windows and doors.This tool is non-sparking and non-magnetic as well as...
1 1/16 in Opening, Combination Wrench
This combination wrench is an excellent and versatile tool for the handy man. This wrench is non-sparking and non magnetic...
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