Alemite Lubrication & Fluid Handling Systems is internationally known as a leader in the field. Their products are used in a variety of industries including agriculture, mining, and maintenance, among others. Their products are known for their reliability, and productivity.

What kind of work do I need a grease gun for?

Grease guns are commonly used for tasks that require lubrication. There are three types:

  • Hand-powered With Hand Cranked Trigger: With this gun the grease is forced from the aperture by back-pressure built up by hand cranking the trigger mechanism of the gun.
  • Hand-powered With No Trigger Mechanism: Similar to the hand cranked trigger gun, except instead of the hand-cranked trigger, the pressure is built up by pushing on a plunger on the butt of the grease gun.
  • Air-Powered (Pneumatic): This grease in this type of gun is forced through the aperture via air pressure.

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