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Adjustable Clamp is a company that's dedicated to woodworkers, handymen, and contractors everywhere. Their clamps and wrenches are built to last, with high pressure resistance for protection against breakage.

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15'' Adjustable Wrench with Drop Forged Alloy Steel Body
This 15'' Adjustable wrench is effective for a wide variety of tasks. This tool has a hardened and tempered body...
24'' Hardened and Tempered Adjustable Pipe Wrench with Malleable Alloy Body
This pipe wrench is an ideal tool for a variety of situations. This tool also features a malleable handle with...
36'' Aluminum Pipe Wrench with Drop Forged Steel Jaw
This 36'' Aluminum pipe wrench features accurately machined jaws for easier time gripping nuts and bolts. This tool also has...
1 13/16'' Nickel Chrome Plated Jumbo Combination Wrench with Carbon Steel Body
This combination wrench features a polished head and raised panel. This tool is great for gripping fasteners. This wrench also...
11 Piece Chrome Plated Combination Wrench Set, SAE
This wrench set features several different tools for a variety of purposes. The tools in this set are all chrome...
Quad Grip 14 Piece Combination Wrench Set, Metric
This combination wrench set contains exactly fourteen alloy steel wrenches that range from sizes 9mm to 32mm. This wrench set...
Style No. 1400 C-Clamp, 2-in Max Opening
This sturdy C-Clamp is a perfect hand tool for holding pieces of wood or metal for work. This clamp will...
Style No. 1400 C-Clamp, 3-in Max Opening
This powerful clamp is extremely effective for holding pieces of wood or metal still while you work. Ensure that mistakes...
Style No. 1440 C-Clamp, 4-in Max Opening
This extremely powerful C-Clamp is perfectly designed to hold your work in place. This clamp will ensure that your work...
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