Purex is a provider of laundry supplies and cleaners and has been that way since 1922. They also sell odor eliminators that are designed to penetrate those hard to reach places and get rid of the foul smelling odors that seemed to have gathered. This can be used anywhere but is primarily used in carpeting and then vacuumed up making it ideal for hotels, hospitals and more. Explore our selection of Purex cleaning solutions for your applications at HomElectrical.

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What is Purex Odor Eliminator used for?

Purex odor eliminator is a powder formula that can be sprinkled anywhere where a foul smelling odor might show up. It is generally used on carpets before vacuuming. It is able to penetrate the hard to reach areas that originate those horrible smelling odors. It can be used for trash cans, hospitals, hotels, offices, and more

How do you use Purex Odor Eliminator?

When using Purex odor eliminator you want to be sure to sprinkle it around the carpet before you begin to vacuum. The substance will then freshen up the carpet and can be easily gathered up with a vacuum. This cleaning solution can be used in a variety of areas that have fowl smelling odors.

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