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Pitt Plastics is a top manufacturing company dedicated to making high quality and eco friendly commercial can liners. There are a variety of different choices that Pitt Plastics has to offer depending on what qualities you are looking for such as high density, heavy duty, linear low, or other requirements. They are dedicated to having a solution for any need the customer may have and want to fit every criteria.

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What does a linear low density polyethylene bag mean?

Linear low density polyethylene refers to the bag and that it is highly puncture and tear resistant. These bags work best in areas where you need the bag to have strength and stretch while also holding sharp objects.

What are advantages of high density can liners?

High density can liners are some of the most durable bags that you can buy; especially compared to ordinary liners. They are more cost efficient to make, use less material while still being strong, and will rarely zipper due to a puncture. They also work in a wide range of temperatures, from -40 to over 212 degrees Fahrenheit, to help you in any situation.
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