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KIK International is a manufacturer that specializes in consumer cleaning products and supplies. They offer a variety of surface cleaners, laundry products, pool cleaners, auto care products, and more. Browse our selection today to find cleaning solutions that are suitable for you that are highly effective.

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Can I use PureBright all-purpose cleaner on all surfaces?

PureBright offers a deep-action and multi-purpose cleaning solution that can be used in several applications. This all purpose cleaner breaks through dirt and grime, and can be used on all "washable" sufaces, such as:

  • ceramic
  • fiberglass
  • plastic
  • porcelain
  • stainless steel
  • tile

What is an all-purpose cleaner?

All purpose cleaners are great cleaning solutions to use for a multitude of surfaces. They can help remove stains, grease, soap scum, fingerprints, and much more.
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