MaxLite LED Retrofit Kit

MaxLite provides a line of easy-to-install, economical retrofit kits to assist with all your upgrading projects. You can choose from LED recessed troffer retrofit kits or LED RKL retrofit kit strips for you specific application. Find the MaxLite retrofit kit products you need to upgrade to LEDs for a great price at HomElectrical.

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What are LED recessed troffer retrofit kits used for?

MaxLite retrofit kits allow for users to update their current lighting fixtures to LED lighting. The LED Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit is a low profile retrofit kit that is easy to install and allows for the existing recessed troffers to be used.

What are LED RKL retrofit kit strips?

The LED RKL Retrofit Kit Strips are economy level replacements for fluorescent tubes in existing drop-in ceilings for both 2'x4' and 2'x2' recessed troffers. Retrofitting is both energy efficient and economical to help you upgrade your fixtures.
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