MaxLite LED Lightbar

MaxLite LED Lightbars are ideal for general purpose use. They are suitable for anything from accent, cabinet, display case, indirect, wall washing, and toe kicking applications. Find the right MaxLite LED lightbar fixture for your residential or commercial environment with HomElectrical's competitive prices and wide selection.

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Where are LED lightbars generally used?

MaxLite LED Lightbars products can be used for a variety of different purposes including general, accent, under cabinet, display case, indirect, wall washing and toe kicking applications. These lights are suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

How do LED lightbars work?

The LED Lightbars are dry-listed and feature a high lumen output and an integral driver. The three-, four-, six-, and nine-watt lightbars feature a full architectural-grade diffuser that can minimize flare and deliver even lighting, while hiding the LEDs from view. These lights are available in six- or twelve-inch lengths and can be connected together for easy installation at any desired length for uninterrupted long runs.
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