MaxLite Ceiling Light

Looking for an LED ceiling light fixture? MaxLite offers energy efficient LED fixtures for the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. Check out HomElectrical’s selection of MaxLite ceiling lights at affordable prices!

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Why choose MaxLite ceiling lights?

MaxLite, a trusted industry leader, started in 1993 to provide energy-efficient lighting. The company received the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award five times over the years and they offer a wide selection of products.

Maxlite LED ceiling light selections and features include:

  • Retrofit flush mount lights
  • Flush mounts in a variety of finishes
  • Lumens from 1000 and up
  • CCT selectable series of lights
  • Life hours from 25,000 to 80,000
  • Select models with dimmable options
  • Select models with color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K

What LED ceiling lights does MaxLite offer?

MaxLite ceiling lights include:

  • LED Disc light
  • LED Flush mount
  • LED Slim downlights
  • LED Recessed can lights

Slim lights, disc lights, and recessed can lights can be used when ceiling height is an issue. LED flush mount lights can be used to light a broad area and act as decoration.

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