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HomElectrical Electrical Supply is a leader in the electrical and lighting supply industry, offering over 20,000 electrical supplies at competitive prices. With our superior customer service and ability to ship the same day, we offer an easier way to shop online. No matter the project, we have the solution!

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The Oldest Light Bulb
The Longest Running Light Bulb! At HomElectrical, we are passionate about light bulbs. We want to provide you, our customers, with energy-efficient, long-lasting light bulbs at a great price. This is our passion at HomElectrical. So we get...
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Electrical Supplies to fit any need

HomElectrical Electrical Supply was founded on the idea that, "it's about you," and we understand no two electrical projects are alike. An electrical contractor wouldn't have as much need for 15 Amp GFCI & receptacles for a commercial office build out as a contractor renovating a hotel. But you'll both need wire nuts & electrical tapes. A daycare facility might ensure that all their electrical outlets are tamper resistant (TR), while the builder which is developing his new subdivision across the street makes sure that his electrician is installing weather resistant (WR) GFCI on the outside the homes. We've got a full range of electrical supplies covered from light switch to dryer receptacle.

HomElectrical Electrical Supply Commitment

HomElectrical Electrical Supply continues to grow as the chosen provider in wholesale electrical supplies by putting the customer needs first. Our commitment to you extends beyond the delivery of your products. Not only do we just carry UL certified electrical wiring devices at competitive pricing, but we will stand by you for the life of your gfci, electrical outlets, switches and dimmers.

HomElectrical Electrical Supply & Beyond

Our effectiveness at providing quality products goes beyond electrical supplies. We are constantly evaluating greener commercial lights, which mean a lit warehouse that is better for the earth is better for your bottom line. We offer opportunities through innovative & energy efficient lighting supplies for your business to take steps in that direction that range from LED Exit Emergency Signs to fluorescent Lights. At HomElectrical Electrical Supply, we also understand that you need the proper reliable tools for all your hardware projects. So plan ahead and make sure you have the proper screwdriver or power drill before you start your renovation or new build out projects.

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