How to Properly Install AlumiConn Aluminum to Copper Lug

By superadmin Last Updated On 06/02/2014

Alumiconn exposed aluminum wiring copper lugs

The AlumiConn Aluminum to Copper Lug is a safe solution to permanently address your aluminum wiring repair. It is also approved by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as an effective method to solving your aluminum wire problems. To install Alumiconn Aluminum to a Copper Lug, watch the video or follow the instructions below:

Turn off all power to the device that is being worked on

  1. Remove the electrical device from all its existing connectors

unscrew electrical receptacle from wall

  1. Strip the aluminum wires to 5/16” with a wire stripper. (list a wire stripper here)

  2. Release the set screws on top of the AlumiConn lug

alumiconn aluminum wiring copper lugs

  1. Insert the aluminum wire(s) to the open wire port on the AlumiConn lug

alumiconn copper lug installation

Only use one wire per conductor port.

  1. Insert the copper wire that is going to be used to connect the device to one of the remaining ports on the AlumiConn lug

  2. Use a torque screw driver to tighten up the screws. The recommended torques are as follows:

remove electrical outlet from wall

Please make sure you use the proper amount of torque or it might results to product failure.

  • 10 inch-pound #12 gauge solid aluminum wire

  • 15 inch-pound #10 gauge solid aluminum wire and all gauge solid and stranded copper wires

  1. Insert the pigtail copper wires into the electrical device

  2. Put all the wires into the junction box and secure the wiring device to it

alumiconn exposed electrical wiring

3 port alumiconn

Typical Installation of a copper pigtail
with a 3-port Alumicon

2 port alumiconn

Typical Installation of a copper pigtail
with a 2-port Alumicon

You have now permanently and safely repaired your aluminum wire with an AluminConn Aluminum to Copper Lug. Please make sure you use the lug in accordance to your local and national electrical code. As always, you need to consult your local certified electrician with aluminum wire experience before taking on any aluminum wiring electrical projects.


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