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Brighten homes and business with the right lighting from EnVision LED Lighting! Their products have been skillfully designed by engineers to suit both commercial and residential applications. Their series of high efficiency, low energy consuming LED products help save you money. Shop EnVision LED Lighting at HomElectrical for superior LED lighting products!

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What is an area light?

The term ‘area light’ refers to a broad range of outdoor lighting fixtures designed to brighten large outdoor areas. Sometimes referred to as shoebox area lights due to their resemblance to a shoebox, these fixtures illuminate parking lots, roadways, and athletic fields.

They come in different light distributions, including Type I, II, III, IV, V, and VS.

  • Type I light distributions provide symmetrical light and work in the center of the pathway. These fixtures work well lighting smaller pathways.
  • Type II light distributions works better for wider pathways as well as long, narrow areas, like side streets or jogging paths. These fixtures work best when placed at the edge of the roadway.
  • Type III light distributions work well for lighting large areas, like roadway lighting, general lighting, and general parking areas. These lights install on the side of the area, projecting light outward with very little light behind the fixture.
  • Type IV light distributions emit a semicircle of light designed to mount to the sides of walls or buildings. These options often see use brightening the perimeter of a parking area or business.
  • Type V light distributions produce a circular light. This offers equal distribution in all directions. Type V provides the largest and most even pattern. It works best at or near the center of a roadway or intersection.
  • Type VS produces a square light distribution with the same intensity at all angles. They work well in areas that require sufficient, even light distribution. It sees use at or near the center of roadways or intersections as well as lighting large commercial parking lots.

An EnVision area light comes standard with Type III optics.

What are barn lights?

Barn lights feature a wide head to cast light downward and mount to the wall using a sturdy arm. This light falls in a concentrated circle. They typically install higher up to allow for more coverage.

Originally designed for illuminating the exterior of a barn, you can now find a variety of barn lights available for use in other applications. Many barn lights feature a gooseneck style with a wide shade and work well to add rustic style to a home. However, other options feature a more durable, utilitarian design.

EnVision LED barn lights include a dusk-to-dawn photocell and offer CCT selectable color temperature options. Choose between three color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. Suitable for wet locations, their barn lights include an IP65 and airtight rating. These instant start fixtures work well as outdoor area and security lighting as well as lighting building perimeters and yard and dock areas.

What is a post top light?

Post top lights install on top of poles and brighten vehicle and pedestrian areas like pathways, gardens, parking lots, and campuses. They commonly install on poles around 7-20 feet tall.

EnVision LED post top lights emit a soft, uniform light that works well for residential locations, commercial areas, and plazas. They offer an instant start with no humming or flickering. These CCT selectable options offer a choice between 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K and offer 0-10V dimming.

What is a sports light?

Also referred to as stadium lights, sports lights provide a concentrated and focused beam of light that covers a specific area. Like the name suggests, sports lights brighten large areas used for sporting events, but they can also see use brightening areas used for large outdoor activities, like concerts.

Sports lights often mount to poles around 40-100 feet tall. Depending on the light, they may mount as a single fixture or with multiple fixtures attached to each pole.

EnVision LED offers sports lights that offer a high lumen/watt efficacy. Their wattage selectable fixtures include a choice between three wattages so you can find the perfect lumen output. One fixture offers options between 300W, 450W, or 600W with lumens up to 78,000. The other offers wattage options between 800W, 1000W, or 1200W with lumens up to 156,000.

Why choose EnVision LED Lighting?

Established in 2010, EnVision LED Lighting, Inc. is a Los Angeles based leader in lighting that provides the market with a wide variety of LED lighting products. The EnVision LED objective includes providing superior lighting products and service at the highest level of quality and performance in the industry. They remain committed to providing a product with superior lumen/wattage ratios.

EnVision LED offers an array of LED lighting products that suit a range of clients both in the residential and commercial application. Find products including high bays, flush mount lights, downlights, and more.

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