Stelpro Smart Thermostat

Looking for a Smart thermostat control? Stelpro offers a few energy saving Smart thermostat options with a variety of features, including geofencing, energy consumption reports, and accurate ambient temperature control. Find the Smart thermostat you need at HomElectrical.

What is a Stelpro Smart Thermostat?

Stelpro Smart thermostats connect to your smartphone or mobile device. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature of your home heating and cooling system through connection of a Smart hub.

Stelpro offers two types of Smart thermostats: Maestro and Ki Electronic thermostats. Both Maestro and Ki offer two different models. These thermostats connect using Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi b/g/n router frequency.

The Stelpro Maestro thermostats work with the MAESTRO app as well as the Stelpro range extender or network repeater for optional convenience.

Why use a Stelpro Smart thermostat?

Use the Maestro thermostats and the Ki STZB402 model with electric baseboards, convection heaters, and fan heaters. The Ki STZW402 model is not for use with forced-air units.

Stelpro Smart Thermostat Features

Maestro Smart Thermostat and Controller (ASMC402AD model)

  • Internal Zigbee controller
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi b/g/n
  • Access to MAESTRO environment and app
  • Geofencing adjusts temperature when you enter and leave the building
  • Open window function – detects drastic temperature decrease
  • Allows you to group similar rooms into zones to avoid wasting energy
  • Energy consumption assessment

Maestro Smart Thermostat (ASMT402AD model)

  • Pairs with Maestro controller and thermostat or Zigbee hub
  • Access to MAESTRO environment and app
  • Open window function – detects drastic temperature decrease
  • Motion-activated screen
  • Environments – outdoor temperature or relative room humidity display, energy consumption reports

Ki Electronic Thermostat (STZB402 model)

  • Electricity savings of 10-15%
  • Maestro controller and thermostat or Zigbee hub required
  • Three functions: comfort, economy, off
  • Designed for use with Stelpro convection heaters
  • Display in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Two- or four-wire connection
  • Accurate ambient temperature control

Ki Electronic Thermostat (STZW402 model)

  • Z-wave hub required
  • Z-wave plus certified
  • Two functions: comfort and economy
  • Display in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Accurate ambient temperature control

What is a range extender?

Range extenders expand the network coverage of your Smart home devices so you can cover a large area of your home or facility. Stelpro offers two range extenders for the Zigbee network that work with their Maestro thermostats:

Cortet Z10:

  • Expands coverage of a Zigbee network
  • Plugs into any working A/C outlet
  • Increases number of devices Zigbee coordinator can control
  • Faster device pairing
  • Minimizes dead zones
  • Optimal for large facilities or homes with poor radio frequency

Network Signal Repeater:

  • Extends range of Zigbee network
  • Easy to install into any A/C outlet
  • Supports 120V 12A general purpose load
  • LED indicator for on/off status
  • Override button for direct on/off
  • Compatible with Smart outlet applications
  • Compatible with Stelpro Maestro Smart thermostat


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