Stelpro Built-In Thermostat

Stelpro offers built-in thermostat options for their heater models and they can be found at HomElectrical. The built-in thermostats come in both single pole and double pole models to suit any application. Make sure you check out our selection of Stelpro built-in thermostats to control your Stelpro heaters.

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What is a built-in thermostat?

Stelpro manufactures a line of built-in thermostats to go with their different heater lines. Many of the built-in thermostats can be easily accessed without removing the grills of their heaters. These fit in to a unit easily. They are best used for baseboard heaters for ease of control for the prevention of overheating.

What is the difference between a single pole and double pole thermostat?

The built-in thermostats come in either single pole or double pole versions. Double pole thermostats provide a true off setting while single pole thermostats do not. They use Fahrenheit temperature control and come with a one year warranty.
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