Stelpro Electronic Thermostat

HomElectrical offers a selection of Stelpro electronic thermostats to go with any Stelpro heater. We carry both single programming thermostats and multiple programing thermostats so that you have all the control options you could need. Match your Stelpro heater to a Stelpro electronic thermostat at HomElectrical.

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What is an electronic thermostat?

HomElectrical carries a range of Stelpro electronic thermostats including three single programming and two multiple programming options. Stelpro single programming thermostats, also called non-programmable, feature simple four-step programming, which allows the thermostat to lower the temperature at night and automatically return to the selected temperature during the day. Stelpro multiple programing thermostats feature easy programming which includes 18 preprogrammed presets in ''pre-prog'' mode.

Why should I get an electronic thermostat?

All of Stelpro's electronic thermostats have incomparable accuracy and feature a backlit screen that can be used as a nightlight. They also offer energy savings of more than 30 percent due to day/night temperature reduction.

What can an electronic thermostat be used for?

The electronic thermostat can be used for convection, electric, forced-air, and various other heating units. These units are ideal for small and medium sized residential spaces.
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