Stelpro Low Voltage/ 24 V Thermostat

For easy and efficient relay control, look through HomElectrical's selection of low voltage/ 24 volt thermostats. These thermostats feature degrees in Celsius, either two or three-wire connection, and work compatibly with many Stelpro heater models. Find a Stelpro low voltage/ 24 volt thermostat at HomElectrical.

What are thermostat relays and transformers?

A thermostat relay relies on electromagnets to open and close circuits when directed by the thermostat. The thermostat also signals the relay to power on or off the heater. Additionally, relays stop the thermostat from overloading by increasing the wattage capacity.

Transformers can boost or reduce voltage levels between circuits. Connecting more than four relays without a transformer to the same thermostat is not recommended.

What low voltage relays does Stelpro offer?

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