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Keep cool and comfortable with a stylish ceiling fan from RP Lighting + Fans. RP Lighting + Fans offers a wide selection of ceiling fans with 3, 4, or 5 blade options. Their large ceiling fan collection also ranges in size from 42- up to 52-inch sweeps. Shop HomElectrical to find Royal Pacific ceiling fans today!

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How many blades on a ceiling fan is best?

Mostly, the number of blades you need for your fan depends on your personal taste and style. However, four- or five-blade ceiling fans may deliver a quieter operation than a three-blade fan. More factors affect air movement than simply the fan blades. Factors such as the motor design, speed, blade pitch, material and length of the blades can impact the air movement. A larger motor may move more air and typically runs quieter than a smaller motor.

Blade pitch measures the angle of the blade position. Measured in degrees, a higher blade pitch can typically move more air. However, a higher pitch doesn’t guarantee a better unit or more air movement. They may provide a higher pitch to compensate for a smaller motor. Optimal blade pitch ranges between 12-15 degrees.

Some ceiling fans come with reversible blades, which means if you get sick of the current color, you can flip the blades over for a different look.

Should you run ceiling fans all day?

While you can leave a ceiling fan running in your home for quite a while, you probably don’t want to. Ceiling fans rely on evaporative cooling which means they evaporate the sweat on your skin, cooling you down. Ceiling fans do not adjust the temperature in the room, they only create a draft. This means it’s really only beneficial to leave the fan running with someone in the room. If not, the fan wastes energy and drives up your bill without cooling anything down.

Additionally, you should turn the ceiling fan off occasionally to let the motor rest. Running it all day can cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on the motor.

Why don’t I feel air from the ceiling fan?

If you can’t feel air coming down from your ceiling fan, your fan may be spinning in the wrong direction. Many ceiling fans use a reversible motor which allows you to change the direction the blades spin. If they spin clockwise, they direct the air up instead of down, which means you don’t feel the cool air. To fix it, set the fan to spin counterclockwise to direct the air back downward.

If it’s not the direction of the spinning causing issues, then it may be something electrical or possibly the wrong size fan for the space. The square footage of the room and the ceiling height determine how big of a fan you need. 36 to 44-inch diameter fans can cool rooms up to 225 square feet. Larger fans, like 52-inch fans, should be used in larger rooms. In rooms longer than 18 feet, you should use multiple fans to cool. You should only install fans in rooms with ceiling heights of 8-feet or higher for the right amount of clearance.

Read our simple guide to learn more about ceiling fans!

Why choose RP Lighting and Fan ceiling fans?

RP Lighting + Fans, formerly known as Royal Pacific, has remained a valued lighting and fan supplier for over 30 years. In an effort to promote energy efficiency and recognizing the importance of energy conservation, their large collection of lighting and ceiling fan products include multiple Energy Star qualified options. RP Lighting has developed and continues to work on new and existing products with a strong focus on energy.

Their wide collection of ceiling fan options includes 3, 4, or 5 blades. You can also find options available with or without a light kit. Those that include a light kit may use light bulbs or have an integrated LED light kit included with the fixture. The finish options may include matching motor and blade colors, or complimentary color options, like this Metalis ceiling fan which features four walnut-colored blades with an oil rubbed bronze motor.

Additionally, many of their ceiling fans use a pull chain but may include a wall control or work with an optional remote control for easy use.

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