Royal Pacific Lighting Track Lights

Highlight your space with energy efficient track lights from RP Lighting and Fans! RP Lighting, formerly known as Royal Pacific, offers a wide selection of track lights to fit your space. Royal Pacific track lighting comes in a variety of colors, styles, and color temperatures. You can also find a variety of accessories to complete your track lighting. Find the right Royal Pacific Lighting track light for your home at HomElectrical!

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What are track lights for?

Track lighting illuminates and highlights areas of your residential and commercial spaces. Use them to highlight pieces of artwork, photographs, or other aspects of your décor. Additionally, they work as task lights so you can brighten areas where you perform detailed tasks. Task lighting works well over kitchen islands or offices.

Track lights come in a few types, like spot or flood lights, and line or low voltage. Spotlights typically include a beam angle under 25-degrees and work well highlighting specific objects. Flood lights feature a larger beam angle, 25-degrees and over, and brighten larger spaces.

Low voltage track systems use 12V while line voltage track lights use 120V. Low voltage systems draw their power from a transformer which means they require the transformer to mount near the track system. Line voltage track lights use 120V and avoid the problems of having a transformer in view.

Are tracks for track lighting universal?

Not all track lights work with every rail. They come in three styles: the J, H, and L. Named for the manufacturers that first made them, H-tracks were made by Halo, J-tracks made by Juno, and L-tracks by Lightolier.

Track heads for one rail cannot work on track heads for another. That means, if you have J-style track heads, then they must work with a J-style track. You cannot mix and match. For ease of use, stick with one brand or manufacturer when choosing a track light.

What is the difference between track and rail lighting?

Track lights supply light using fixtures called track heads. The track supplies electricity to the track heads, which can slide along the track. This allows you to direct light where needed.

Fixed rail lights also use fixture heads similar to track heads, but these fixtures stay fixed in one position along the track. To direct light, the heads swivel and pivot to change direction.

They also differ from monorail lighting. Monorail lighting allows you to bend the track so you can form the shape your space needs. This also means you can surface mount the lights or use remote transformers, allowing for a lower profile.

Royal Pacific Lighting offers track heads that work with J or H-tracks. Their track light rails come in 2, 4, 6, or 8-feet. Color finishes include white, brushed aluminum, and black.

Can you use LED bulbs in track lighting?

LEDs work great in track lighting. Royal Pacific Lighting track lighting uses energy efficient LEDs which provide a long-lasting light source. While incandescent lights can last up to around 1,000 hours, LEDs can last 15,000-100,000 hours or more. This means you don’t have to change the bulb as frequently as you would with incandescents. More importantly, LEDs save on energy costs! They use less energy while still providing the same amount of lighting.

LED track heads can use either integrated LEDs or LED bulbs. Using an LED bulb allows you to replace them when they burn out while an integrated LED eliminates the need to change light bulbs.

Why choose RP Lighting track lights?

RP Lighting and Fans crafts quality track lights. With a focus on high quality and energy efficiency, they continue to continuously expand their product catalog, including their large selection of track lights.

RP Lighting track lights come in a wide variety of stylish shapes and color options. They sell full track light kits, individual track light heads, track light rails, and accessories. Their track heads come in both cylindrical and square options, as well a variety of other shapes. The accessories they offer include connectors, suspension stem kits, grounded receptacles, pendant adapters, and more.

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