Royal Pacific Lighting Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Looking for a simple way to change up your decor and add lighting to your rooms? Adding a ceiling fan light kit from RP Lighting + Fans offers a simple solution! With various selections of Royal Pacific ceiling fan light kits, you can shop for the right fit for your home right here on HomElectrical!

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What is a ceiling fan lighting kit?

A light kit is a simple way to add ambiance and illuminate a room inside your home. Light kits can be in various styles to fit with your decor, including branched, bowl, and upright. With styles from luxurious decorative designs to common standard designs, the best type of ceiling fan kit depends on your fan’s position and personal preference. Commonly, ceiling fans come with a light kit pre-built which allows you to change the light fixture to your liking.

Which ceiling lighting kit is right for my fan?

First, you’ll need to measure your fixture. Using a tape measure, start at the center diameter of the fixture and measure from one outside edge to the other. This gives you the measurements to find the right size lighting kit for your fan.

The right ceiling fan lighting kit can bring comfort and make a statement within a room. Deciding on what fits best for your home can all depend on the size of the room and what general design goals you have for it.

Choose what lighting objective you want to reach. Several types of ceiling fan light kits exist, such as branched, bowl, and uplight.

  • Branched: usually 3 or 4 arms, up towards the ceiling or down towards the floor
  • Bowl: enclosed kit attached to below fan housing where the bulb made to sit inside
  • Uplight: sits on top pointing towards the ceiling

Why are LED bulbs best?

LED bulbs provide more energy efficiency and help cut cost in the home. LEDs are about 75% more efficient than incandescents. Consider how much light you want and where you plan to use it. Having the option to add dimming with LEDs gives you more control over the lighting in your home. This option helps not only increase the lifespan of the light itself but keeps up with power consumption.

RP Lighting + Fans ceiling fan lighting kits use LED technology. Some of their products use integrated LEDs which have an even longer lifespan than screw in bulbs. This keeps your lighting kit fixture operating throughout your home at its best potential. Lumens also play into consideration. The more lumens the brighter the bulb.

Is a RP Ceiling Fan Light Kit worth it?

RP Lighting + Fans has a wide selection of light kits to optimize your home. Most of their ceiling fans have universal access for installing new lighting kits. This adds the ability to change its design at any time. With its extensive options like bronze or brushed pewter you can easily add versatility and style into the room of your choice. RP Lighting + Fans catalog is focused on high-quality products full of energy efficiency that are marked at the right prices.

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