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If your looking for ways to brighten and add simple decor to your outdoor spaces, look no further. RP Lighting+Fans has a broad selection of outdoor lights right here on HomElectrical!

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What type of light fittings are used for outdoor lighting purposes?

From security lighting to stylish landscape fixtures, outdoor lighting fixtures come in different types covering a range of uses. The types include:

  • Wall-Mounted
  • Ceiling-Mounted
  • Hanging Lights
  • Floodlights
  • Post Lights
  • String Lights

When selecting the right type of fixture, align your design and placement goals. RP Lighting + Fans offers options of accent lighting that help focus light on walls, trees or even furniture in your yard. A perfect choice would be LED Wall Lantern to help personalize and dramatize your outdoor space. Hardscape lighting, on the other hand, helps illuminate layouts like paths, walkways or decks. You can find LED Bulkhead Light commonly used for security purposes from RP Lighting + Fans right here on HomElectrical!

Can I use LED lights in outdoor fixture?

LED lights work great for outdoor use. They provide a safer and brighter option than traditional lighting. The increased energy efficiency leads to lower utility bills and less waste from disposed burned-out bulbs.

RP Lighting + Fans offers many LED outdoor lights in their catalog that can be found on HomElectrical. The perfect LED lighting for outdoor usage are warm lights between 2000K – 3000K. When paired with outdoor lighting, like LED Wall Sconce this range brings just enough light to brighten a landscape without distracting your sleep or business.

What is the best material for outdoor lighting fixtures?

Bronze or brass offers the most popular, high-quality metal when choosing an outdoor lighting fixture. The combination of copper and zinc gives a high corrosion resistance rate. Bronze and brass fixtures are great for coastal environments and can withstand higher temperatures. When choosing a bronze or brass outdoor lighting fixture, look at the zinc content. Over time, the zinc will cause it to turn darker when exposed to outdoor elements. You typically want to choose something with less than 15% zinc for lasting appeal.
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