Royal Pacific Lighting Pendant Lights

Add style and charm to your home when choosing Royal Pacific Lighting pendant lights! This stylish selection includes round shade pendant lights, chandeliers, and kitchen island lights. They also offer an edge-lit ribbon pendant light as a decorative linear pendant option. Browse Royal Pacific Lighting pendant lights today at HomElectrical!

What is a pendant light?

Pendant lights consist of a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, usually by a metal rod, cord, or chain. Pendant lights typically serve as task lighting. Because of this, they work well lighting kitchen islands or brightening tables. They also work in corridors, hallways, living rooms, entryways, and many other residential locations.

Pendant light fixtures differ from chandeliers. A pendant light fixture features only a single light while chandeliers feature multiple light sources incorporated into one fixture. Chandeliers often, though not always, feature multiple lights branching from a central body. They typically utilize a grander, more elegant design than pendant lights.

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What are the rules for pendant lighting?

As a general rule of thumb, pendant lights should have about 30 to 36-inches of clearance from a table to the bottom of the fixture. In rooms where someone might walk underneath the light, like living rooms, entryways, or bedrooms, you want at least 7 feet of clearance from the floor to the bottom of the fixture.

Ideally, the space between each light should measure about the same as the width or diameter of the fixture. This means, if you have a fixture 14 inches in diameter, then the distance between each fixture should measure about 14 inches.

Why choose Royal Pacific Lighting pendant light fixtures?

RP Lighting provides high quality and energy efficient pendant light fixtures. Their pendant lights come in a variety of stylish options. They offer round shade pendant lights which include a matte or clear shade with a brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze finish. Their island light features opal glass, 4-lights, and a brushed nickel finish.

Additionally, they offer chandeliers. Their options include traditional styles, like this 5-light chandelier, or more modern styles, like this 2-tier ribbon chandelier.

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