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Adding vanity lighting is the perfect way to illuminate your home or business. Here on HomElectrical you can find various styles and options of vanity lighting to add to your decor space. Start shopping for RP Lighting + Fans vanity lights today!

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Should vanity lights hang over a bathroom mirror?

Vanity lighting usually hangs above bathroom mirrors to create more light. The most popular choice for design and task lighting, vanity lights often hang above mirrors. The lighting above the mirror should be approximately 75-80 inches from the floor. When hanging a vanity light keep it at least two inches from the top edge of your mirror. For narrow or small spaces, try single vanity lighting such as LED Vanity Light.

Are LED lights good for vanity mirrors?

When choosing the right light for a vanity mirror, determine your decor style and amount of light needed. LED with a color rendering index (CRI) of 50 or less generates a washed-out color. LED with a CRI of 70 or less with present a dull color. Your light should be at least 80 CRI or more for performative lighting results on a vanity light . Flattering light that produces a softer, diffused light use a coated or frosted bulb . RP Lighting + Fans LED vanity lights display the most efficient natural lighting to help customize and tailor your lighting environment.

Should bathroom vanity lights face up or down?

First, consider the color palette of your bathroom. Next, determine how you want to use your vanity lighting. To create focused task lighting, point your vanity lighting downward. This option works best when brightening a certain area for accomplishing tasks, such as grooming or applying makeup. To provide ambient light, point your vanity lighting upward. This soft light works great for mimicking natural lighting.

Should vanity lights be warm or cool?

RP Lighting + Fans vanity lights come in a range of sizes to choose the version that best suits your space. Longer vanity lights may include three or four lights. Choose LEDs that project bright light or high CRI for the most accurate lighting color. A minimum value of 1600 lumens work best for vanity lighting. For task lighting, including general bathroom usage, use warm white light between 2400K -3000K. For more lively areas, like offices and utility rooms, cool white light between 5000K-6500K works best.
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