Royal Pacific Lighting Flush Mount Lights

From small spaces to high traffic areas flush mount lighting caters to all homes and businesses. The versatile options from RP Lighting + Fans range from contemporary to traditional making them best to maximize your design space!

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What is flush mount lighting?

Flush mount lighting sits directly against the ceiling and shines light downward. It creates ambient lighting and comes in various designs to reflect your unique interior style. Flush mounts work best for small spaces and shorter ceilings.

What’s the difference between flush vs semi-flush?

Flush mounts have no distance between the light fixture and the ceiling, giving the area a cleaner look. They also provide the best way to maximize space with a low ceiling height while easily blending with your decor. Because of this, they work great in hidden spaces like closets.

Semi-flush mounts leave a few inches of space, usually supported by a stem or similar part that holds the fixture down, allowing the fixture to hang low. Providing a more textured look, semi-flush mount lighting adds depth and detail to your space. These lights work great in larger areas such as dining rooms.

How do I choose the right flush mount?

Making the right choice between flush mounts and semi-flush mounts all depends on where you plan to install the fixture. RP Lighting + Fans carries an inventory of both flush and semi-flush mounts. Both come in various styles and sizes to fit perfectly. When choosing between the two make note of your design options.

Shading can affect the lighting as much as the appearance. Shades play a role in brightening an area. Effects of shades are based on the type and design of the shade itself. These shade designs include:

  • Globes: modern look, clear glass for brilliant ambiance or white glass for gentle diffused lighting
  • Drum Shades: rounded fabric or glass, create open aesthetic and bright light
  • Square: sleek, clean and slim, streamlined light is perfect for minimalistic rooms
  • Wire Cage: industrial or rustic, creates unique shadows on ceiling or walls
  • Geometric: trendy shapes add to distinctive styling and design techniques

Choosing the right flush mount also depends on your style and design preference. Determine what kind of lighting you want. Flush mount lights provide ambient lighting for spaces that need widespread illumination. To achieve sufficient lighting for your room, measure your space and your light fixture. Flush mount lights operate best on ceilings less than 8 feet. The clearance is equally important as the size to achieve efficient lighting for a room and to avoid any safety hazards. For minimal, non-intrusive lighting and lower ceilings, flush mount lighting works best. For more detailed lighting and ceilings over 9.8 inches, consider a semi-flush lighting fixture.

What are the different styles of flush mounts?

You can find different types of flush mount lights to fit nearly any ceiling. Choosing from unique styles can easily light up your space and bring out your decor. These styles include:

  • Traditional: simple, classic look – can often be complemented with an opal or frosted glass shade
  • Transitional: sophisticated, minimalistic – wide variety of designs can bring a subtle or dramatic look to your space
  • Contemporary: modernized, subtle – include darker or muted tone in room designs

Flush mounts provide an efficient amount of light that can be evenly distributed throughout certain areas. The styles above are all excellent choices for hallways, living areas, bathrooms and closets and help improve the look of your space.

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