Klein Sheet Metal Tool & HVAC

Cut through sheet metal, ductwork, and tubing with ease using Klein Tools line of Sheet Metal Tools & HVAC. Klein Tools' heat treated steel blades, made of alloy steel, have been made for superior strength and durability to put you at ease when completing a job. Our collection at HomElectrical offers a wide range of sheet metal tool and HVAC products to make your job easier!

What is a Klein Tools Cutting/ Notching Tool?

Klein Tools cutting and notching tools consist of snips, snap lock punches, hand notchers, and nibbler tools. Snip tools are designed for precise and efficient cutting of steel, stainless steel, and other metals. They feature different jaw types to permit angled cuts as well. Snap lock punches easily impressions on metal edges to join pieces of sheet metal, duct, or pipe. Hand notchers create clean "v" shaped cuts easily in sheet metal.

What is a Klein Tools Seaming/Folding Tool?

Klein tools seaming and folding tools are designed to easily and accurately bend, seam, and flatten sheet metal and non-ferrous metals. Seamers with straight handles are ideal for general use applications while seamers with offset handles are ideal for overhead use or for confined areas. Broader jaws are ideal for forming wider folds and thinner jaws are ideal for forming tighter folds.
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