Sanding Screen

When you plan on resurfacing your wooden floors, the first step is to use a sanding screen to sand it. Get rid of the dull areas and scuff marks created by shoes. These sand screen are reversible, therefore you get two uses out of every screen. HomElectrical has a large selection of sanding screen that varies in sizes and can be used on wet or dry surfaces. Start clicking on HomElectrical to find the right screen and when the purchasing process is complete, you will get it before you know it.

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What does it mean to screen a floor?

Also known as buffing, screening refers to the process of smoothing out a non-carpeted floor surface. Sanding screens are normally used in the finishing process of hardwood floors. After the floor is smoothed down to a dull finish, the surface is then coated with a chemical solution that gives the floor a shiny finished look.

How do you screen a hardwood floor?

In order to finish your hardwood floors, use sanding screens to buff the entire floor area. After wiping away the floor dust and residue, coat the floors with polyurethane. This will give your floors a shiny finish.
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