Bosch Specialty Tools

Bosch specialty tools allow you to complete a wide variety of jobs with ease. They offer tools such as measuring wheels, tripods for laser levels, cordless blowers, and more. Discover specialty tools as well as a wide variety of Bosch power tools available at HomElectrical!

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Do you need a tripod for a laser level?

Typically, you can use a laser level without a tripod, but they come in handy! A tripod consists of a three-legged stand that provides a foundation for laser levels and other leveling tools. The legs typically include points on the end that can push into the ground to keep it firmly in place. These options work well outdoors. However, the points may scratch flooring indoors so certain tripods may offer attachments to prevent this.

For uneven terrain, choose a tripod with adjustable legs. On smooth, flat surfaces, use a triangular frame to secure the legs.

The most common materials for tripods include:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood

Why choose Bosch tripods?

You can find a wide variety of Bosch tripod options, including their 98-inch aluminum elevator tripod which features a lightweight and durable aluminum design. It includes hinges, clamps, and shoe casting. It allows for precise graduations to facilitate precise changes in elevation.

This 61-inch compact tripod features adjustable legs that allow the user to work at precise heights from 22- to 61-inches. The compact size and lightweight design make this tripod easy to store and transport. It works with Bosch line lasers, point lasers, and laser measures.

Why use a cordless blower?

Cordless blowers offer an easy and convenient alternative to raking leaves by hand. They get their power from rechargeable batteries. When choosing a cordless blower, check the weight of the blower with the batteries included to determine if you can manage the weight.

Bosch’s cordless blower features a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Great runtime–efficient operation that delivers nine minutes per battery amp hour (Ah) on low speed and five minutes per Ah on high speed
  • Versatile operation provides a standard nozzle for use with or without extension tube
  • It includes a standard nozzle extension, small-diameter nozzle, and debris-collection tube
  • Uses a balanced layout constructed to evenly distribute weight
  • Efficient motor provides high air force: 71 CFM and 167 mph
  • Two-speed switch to provide enhanced airflow control

What other tools does Bosch offer?

Bosch specialty tools include a hammer cart for their Brute demolition hammer. This hammer cart features 8-inch foam tires with a puncture-free design. These tires absorb shock over rugged terrain. These semi-pneumatic, ball-bearing wheels allow for easy rolling over rough jobsites.

Their other specialty tools include:

  • Mounting options for laser levels
  • Planers
  • Hex dies
  • Measuring wheels
  • Power tool attachments
  • Jobsites radios
  • Filters
  • Caulk and adhesive gun
  • And much more
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