Bosch Drill Bits

Bosch offers a wide variety of drill bits and drill bit sets to help you get the job done right. They offer drill bit sets, drill bits designed for use with rotary hammers, and more. Skip local stores and shop to find Bosch bit set and drill bit options!

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What is a drill bit?

A drill bit attaches to the end of the drill and functions as a type of rotary cutting tool designed to bore holes in common materials. Depending on the type of bit, they may drill through materials including wood, metal, plastic, masonry, glass, and tiles.

Drill bits come in a variety of sizes, and you can find them sold individually or in sets. Casual users can often get away with only individual drill bits. For the frequent user, a drill bit set can do the trick. Drill bit sets typically come in different diameters and may come in different lengths.

Drill bits can consist of a variety of different materials such as high-speed steel and carbide tipped. High-speed steel (HSS) drill bits typically see use drilling wood, PVC, light metals, and fiberglass. Carbide tipped drill bits see use drilling through concrete and other masonry. They can quickly dissipate heat and feature high resistance to abrasions.

What are the types of drill bits?

Twist bits, sometimes called fluted bits, make up the most common type of drill bit style. The twist bit features spiraled grooves, called flutes. They often see use as the starting bit when drilling a hole. Twist bits can work well for holes up to one inch in diameter while larger holes may require a spade bit or hole saw.

Brad-Point bits bore holes into wood without wandering. Their design resembles a twist bit with an additional pin or tip in the center of the bit to prevent it from wandering. They often see use in woodworking applications.

Spade bits, sometimes referred to as paddle bits due to their shape, feature a flat design with a sharp point in the center. They remove a large amount of material and work well for fine woodworking projects, framing, and drilling holes in studs.

Step bits combine multiple drill bit sizes into one. They feature a cone shape with a distinct step up to the next drill bit size. These bits work well where you need multiple holes of different sizes.

For rotary hammers, you can find different bits, such as spline or SDS-Max bits. Spline bits consist of four parts: the shank, land, flute, and cutting tip and head. The shank of a spline bit uses twelve teeth that fit into the rotary hammer in such a way that means you won’t need to make adjustments during the drilling process.

Spline bits work with rotary hammer drills with a spline drive. They differ from SDS bits in both size and profile. SDS Plus and SDS-Max bits feature slots or indentations along the shank and create a strong connection when drilling. SDS Plus bits feature a 10-millimeter shank while SDS-Max features an 18-millimeter shank with more indentations.

What types of bits does Bosch offer?

Bosch offers bits designed for a variety of applications. They offer options with spline or SDS-Max shanks, masonry bits, bits designed for use with rotary hammers, drill bit sets, and much more.

Their bits come in a wide range of sizes to help you with many different types of jobs. Options like this spiral rotary masonry bit works with a rotary drill to bore through masonry, block, and brick.

Bosch drill bit set options include driven impact drill bit sets, like this 8-piece, black oxide kit. It includes a convenient and customizable clip and tilt-in/tilt-out case mechanism to allow for easier access to the bits.

This 3-piece set includes 2-inch driven impact square power bits. Their driven design provides 50X the life over standard bits. They also feature a torsion zone built to last as well as hardened surfaces and precision bit tips.

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