AFX Lighting Flush Mount

Brighten your home with the right AFX Lighting flush mount ceiling light! They offer a quality selection of fixtures with linen fabric shades, glass diffusers, or fixtures that feature their LumaFuse laminated fabric/acrylic shade. Skip the local stores and upgrade your bedroom lighting with stylish AFX ceiling light fixtures available at! Get free shipping on qualifying orders over $75.

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What does flush mount mean?

The term ‘flush mount’ refers to lights that install flush, or completely level, against the ceiling. These fixtures often shine light downward and feature a dome-like shape. They work well in areas with low ceilings, like hallways, bedrooms, and closets. Known for their traditionally simplistic design, these fixtures can seamlessly blend with décor. You can also find options that feature an elaborate and decorative design.

These fixtures can replace table lamps and floor lamps to provide ambient lighting in rooms with limited space. They also don’t have visible cords hanging down the way pendant, mini pendant, or chandelier lights do.

What is the difference between flush and semi-flush mount?

The main difference between flush and semi-flush lights lies in their appearance. Flush mount lights install right up against the ceiling while semi-flush mounts feature a gap between the base and the bowl. This gap allows for an up-light effect while still shining light downward.

Semi-flush mount lights also tend to offer a more decorative design than flush mount ceiling lights. Unlike pendant lights, which hang far from the ceiling, semi-flush mounts feature a smaller gap, allowing them to sit closer to the ceiling.

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Why choose AFX Lighting flush mount fixtures?

Formerly known as American Fluorescent, AFX Lighting offers award-winning decorative fixtures designed to combine artistic designs with energy efficient light fixtures. As one of the country’s large energy efficient lighting manufacturers and an active partner with Energy Star, you can find highly efficient Energy Star rated AFX flush mount fixtures, like this 22W LED Ashland flush mount. They also offer ETL listed LED flush mount ceiling light fixtures and options that work in damp locations or outdoors.

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What is selectable CCT?

Selectable CCT, sometimes referred to as adjustable CCT, allows you to change the color temperature of the light fixture. This allows you to take the guesswork out of choosing the right color temperature for the room by choosing the one that best matches the ambiance of the space.

Depending on the fixture, you may be able to frequently adjust the CCT or it may require the installer to select the color temperature at the time of installation. Often, you can change the temperature with a switch located on the fixture. Some, like Smart fixtures, may allow you to adjust it using a remote. It may offer a choice between warm, daylight, or cool white or a wider range of color temperature options.

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