Klein Screwdriver

Secure all of your screws with U.S. manufactured, Klein Tools screwdriver products. HomElectrical has a large supply of Klein Tools screwdrivers and sets in a large variation of shapes and sizes to fit all projects at home or on the job. Klein screwdrivers feature a handle, a shaft, and a tip that the user inserts into the screw head to turn it to make it easy for you to get any job done! Browse our collection now to find which screwdriver or set of screwdrivers you need!

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What are the different tip types?

  • Keystone: a tip type that is slotted. The tip tapers inward from the shank.
  • Phillips: a tip type that features a crosshead design that allows for the screwdriver to self-center.
  • Cabinet: a tip type that is slotted. The tip is the same width as the shank.
  • Combo: a tip type that features a recessed square and slotted design.
  • Square Recess: a tip type that features a recessed square.
  • TORX: a tip type that is that features a six pointed recessed star.

What features do Klein Screwdrivers have?

Klein screwdrivers feature cushion-grip handles that allow for greater comfort and torque when operating the screwdriver. They also have integral flanges inside the handle that provide a solid, twist-resistant blade anchor. The premium chrome-plated shank is heat treated for added durability. The precision machined tips provide an exact fit and the tip-ident on the top of the cushion grip handle feature the type of tip for easy identification.
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