Klein Personal Protective Equipment & Safety Product

No one wants to get hurt on the job, so protect yourself with Klein Tools Personal Protective Equipment & Safety Product items. We pride ourselves with carrying reputable brands, like Klein Tools, with a reputation of meeting and exceeding industry standards. Klein's personal protective and safety equipment includes a selection of hard hats, protective eyewear, and work gloves to keep you protected where you need to be. Purchase your personal protective equipment and safety product items from HomElectrical.

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What features do Klein hard hats have?

Klein hard hats are made of high-density polyethylene for durability. Unique nape straps hold the hats firmly in place and they are washable and shrink- and stretch-proof. The porous brow pad promotes ventilation for comfort. Klein hard hats are a standard size that fits head sizes 6 – 8. And they have a full 6-point ratcheting suspension. They meet ANSI Z89.1–2003 specifications for Class E.

What features does Klein protective eyewear have?

Klein's protective eyewear features impact resistant polycarbonate lenses are permanently bonded with Uvextreme anti-fog coating with anti-scratch and anti-static and UV protection properties. The adjustable spatulite temples provide a comfortable customized fit and the temple-end holes allow for easy lanyard attachment. The wrap-around lens with integrated side shields provide a clear, unobstructed field of vision with superior coverage. They also meets the traffic signal color recognition requirements of ANSI Z80.3-1996.
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