Klein Belt & Suspender

Klein’s Belt and Suspender selection is designed with you in mind. These belts and suspenders are made of durable materials, such as canvas, polyester, nylon, and leather, to provide you with a safe and comfortable working environment. Shop HomElectrical today to find which of these Belts and Suspenders best fit your style!

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What is a Tool Belt?

A Tool Belt is a belt designed to fasten around your waist, allowing you to attach a tool pouch to it to easily transport and store tools when you’re working on the job.

What are Suspenders?

Suspenders are a garment designed to fasten over the shoulders and attach at the waist of your pants, securing your pants in place, typically made of materials such as nylon. Klein suspenders take the concept one step further by providing durable and comfortable suspenders for working around the job site.
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