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Warm your space with a ceiling heater! King Electrical Mfg. Co offers a selection of ceiling heaters capable of heating up residential and commercial areas. Their options include surface or recess mount, 1 or 3-phase, and more. Discover a quality King Electric ceiling heater available at HomElectrical!

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What is a ceiling heater?

Ceiling heaters install in the ceiling to provide heat. They work well in areas with limited floor space and areas that require ceiling installations, like bathrooms, stairwells, and storage areas. King Electric offers recessed and surface mounting options.

Ceiling heaters can work in multiple ways, including infrared and fan-forced operation.

Fan-forced heaters provide heat using electricity and a heat source. King Electric ceiling heaters use a heating element as their heat source. Fan-forced heaters use a fan to blow air over this heat source, warming the air. The fan then blows this heated air into the room. Fan-forced heaters offer a quick way to heat a room. Fan-forced heaters often see use as wall mounted heaters but can see use in ceiling mounted installations.

Infrared radiant heaters radiate heat to nearby people and objects. Unlike a forced-air heater, an infrared heater heats only the people and objects in the room, not the air itself. This means they work best when someone remains present in the room. Infrared heaters often see use as space heaters and underfloor heating.

What ceiling heaters does King Electric offer?

King Electric offers a selection of ceiling heaters, including a small ceiling heater model as well as a ceiling diffuser heater. Their KDS model ceiling diffuser heaters feature a powerful motor as well as a fan that disperses warm air that accumulates near the ceiling. Their small WHFC models work as forced-air electric heaters and combine rapid heat transfer of a nichrome heating element with a squirrel cage blower.

King Electric offers a selection of ceiling mounted electric heater options, including a small ceiling heater model as well as a ceiling diffuser heater. Each heater offers a variety of benefits, including:

WHFC Small Ceiling Heater:

  • Dual-wattage design
  • Nichrome open-coil element
  • Squirrel cage blower
  • Patented Smart Limit Protection for overheat protection

LPWC Large Ceiling Heater:

  • Pic-A-Watt steel fin element
  • Long life unit bearing motor
  • Heat/Fan/Off tamper proof disconnect switch
  • Multiple wattages

KDS Ceiling Diffuser Heater:

  • Ceiling diffuser with powerful motor
  • Totally enclosed fan
  • Lifetime lubricated ball bearing motor
  • High limit temperature control with automatic reset

And many other benefits!

What is a squirrel cage blower?

A squirrel cage blower, also called a centrifugal blower or squirrel cage fan, gets its name from its resemblance to a squirrel cage or hamster wheel. The blower uses curved blades to turn the air, which then propels the air outward. These types of blowers typically offer high efficiency and see use in a variety of applications, often industrial applications, to move air and gases.

King Electric’s WHFC model boasts a whisper-quiet squirrel cage blower.

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