King Baseboard Heater Accessories

Need accessories for your baseboard heater? King Electric sells a wide range of baseboard heater parts and accessories that can fit many different heater models. Find the right heater accessory for you today!

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What baseboard heater accessories do I need?

Different types of commercial and residential electric baseboard heaters use different accessories. Aluminum front baseboard heaters require many heater accessories for proper installation. You can buy these accessories separately and easily replace them if they get damaged. These include inside and outside corners, end caps, splice plates, wall trim, and valve compartments. These easy-to-install accessories require no special tools.

What type of accessory do I need?

Buy a heater accessory that works with your extruded aluminum baseboard heater model. An “H” at the beginning of the heater model’s name indicates a hydronic heater. It heats using water from your home’s hot water heater. Just like heating cables, this type warms a room evenly. Hydronic heaters have no dust or allergens.

Buy an accessory for the correct intake. If your heater’s model ends in “T”, it indicates bottom intake. "F" indicates front intake. Make sure your accessories match with an SB or LB model.

Only use accessories for the specific model intended. You cannot, for example, use a hydronic heater accessory on an electric or natural gas heater. Know the required accessories for your heater’s type of installation. Use end caps for stand-alone installation.

Buy the right size accessory. A full-length heater that uses wall-to-wall installations needs a larger accessory than a smaller heater. In addition, you need to buy either a slope-top or a flat-top accessory, depending on your heater model.

King Electric options come in many sizes and model types to fit a wide range of baseboard heaters. With 60 years of experience, King Electric makes high quality products to satisfy their customers.

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