Best Lighting to Modernize Your Home

By Taylor Bickham on 03/14/2019

Accenting your home with appealing lighting can change the entire aesthetic of your living space. Implementing simple and small lighting changes can substantially enhance the appearance, but the overall functionality of your home as well.

Quick Fixes


Installing dimmers is helpful in many ways in terms of both functionality and style. Being able to modify the intensity of your lighting not only gives you options concerning your home's ambience, but can also help save money on power bills (even more so if you switch to LED lighting).

Decorative Lamps

Decorative lamps can be used to break spaces with consistent shapes to add a bit of asymmetry and dimension to the area. They're perfect for bookshelves, nightstands, and credenzas.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Outside of the fact that motion sensor lighting is an enrgy efficient option for spaces that have lights that are left idle for extended periods of time--they are also a great option for outdoor spaces. They can help to alert you when someone (or something) is outside of your home and are convenient due to the luxury of not having to turn them on and off manually.


Spotlighting artwork and specific aspects of your home's furnishings can aid in giving your space a warm and inviting feel. Execute this look with our recessed directional lighting!

Strip Lighting

Installing strip lighting under cabinets and desks can help to shine light directly on to the storeage space making whatever task needing to be performed justĀ that much easier.

Watt Did You Think

The quality of light is imperative to the look and efficiency of your home. Let us know which of these tips you'd like to implement into your decor!

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