Why Should I Replace My Old Outlet With a GFCI?

Nothing is better than a working electrical outlet. Every time you go to plug in an appliance, the cord will ACTUALLY stay in, but nothing is worse than an old and worn out outlet. It trips! Nothing stays plugged in! And more importantly, you’re more susceptible to electrical shock hazards. Luckily there’s an easy fix… GFCI outlets: the ground fault protector!

How do I know if my outlets are old and worn out?

Damaged Outlet

Here are some visual indications that it is time to replace your electrical receptacles:

  1. Discolorations on the electrical receptacle
  2. Wall plates are hot to the touch
  3. Broken, cracked, or missing face plate
  4. Broken or cracked outlet
  5. Your home or building is more than 15 years old
  6. 2-prong outlets are installed

Why do I need ground fault protection?

For your electrical safety, we recommend ensuring that your electrical receptacles are grounded. GFCI outlets are required by the NEC in all commercial spaces near wet or damp areas.

Shakir Williams
Shakir Williams

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