Residential LED Recessed Can Light

When it comes to your lighting, we know that you like the boldest and brightest. And we've come prepared. Introducing our selection of residential LED recessed can lights, ideal for every kind of residential application! We carry the best in business, from Maxlite and GreenCreative, to Euri and TCP Lighting. Get your shine on with our selection of residential LED recessed can lights, only at HomElectrical.

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What are recessed lights?

Recessed lights are fixtures that are installed through an opening within a ceiling. They're a great option for when you are remodeling, and want fully functional lights that are discreetly placed (or hidden) within the ceiling. These also help to improve the decorative-feel of installed areas. Overall, residential recessed can light fixtures offer flexibility. They can give off general lighting for common living spaces, or can be used as an accent lighting for those places that need an extra bit of flair to them.

Recessed lighting is also called can lighting because of the way the housings appear: metal, cylindrical, like a can. These types of lighting are frequently used in limited spaces, where there isn't sufficient room to put a hanging fixture or other larger fixtures. They are also sought after when wanting a way to spotlight certain features within a room. Some of the most common places they can be found are within closets, living rooms, hallways, and kitchens. If you're interested in recessed lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

1) They offer smooth lighting.One of the key features of recessed lighting is that they work best when used in rooms where there is limited space with which to work. Recessed lights rely on a flush mounting, meaning that the fitting is held within the surface of the wall. This type of mounting is exceptionally great for the tighter or smaller spaces.

2) They can be used for downlighting. Recessed lights are designed to either shine off at an angle, or shine straight down. This creates a glow that is cast downward from the ceiling, illuminating anything caught in its path. It would benefit to be mindful of factors (i.e. type of room, size of room, etc.) before deciding if downcast light would be good for your living space.

3) They are super flexible with your decorative tastes.There are two main elements to recessed lighting: the housings, and the trims. The housings main job is to hold the bulb and keep in it firmly in place. The trims are - at their most basic level - parts of the fixture that are visible on the outside.They're literally dozens of styles out there for you to choose from - from reflector and baffle trims, to Tuscon bronze and copper housings. Here at HomElectrical, you can choose from a plethora of housings and trims, each one suited to fit whatever decorative taste you have.

Should I get an Air Tight Fixture (AT) or an Insulation Compatible (IC)?

In the case of recessed lighting, it is highly common for them to be designed to be Insulation Compatible (IC). IC essentially means that the fixture's housing is able to be installed with ease in direct contact with the insulation. Keeping this in mind, you should only purchase fixtures with housings that have an IC if you desire to put recessed lights into an insulated ceiling. When it comes to the colder months of the year, you'd want to make sure that heat remaining in your home instead of escaping through any entry ways.

This is where Air Tight (AT) fixtures come in; having these help to keep warmth within your home when you most need it. This is also especially important for those typically unfinished parts of your home, like the attic. In addition to attics, if you want a recessed light for insulated attic, you should only purchase the fixture if is AT and IC rated. Luckily, a large majority of recessed lights come available in either one or both ratings.

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