Desk Lamp & Task Lights

Brighten your desk areas with the right LED desk lamp. A desk or task light provides the light you need while performing tasks like writing, working, reading, crafting, or other tasks! LED desk lamp and study lamp fixtures come in a variety of styles and colors to match your décor. Shop HomElectrical today to browse a large selection of LED desk lamp and study light options!

Are desk lamps worth it?

Desk lamps can help reduce eye strain while at your workspace. These fixtures create a localized light with a direct beam that shines on the surface you’re working on. A desk lamp consists of a small light featuring an adjustable arm to direct light at a specific angle or point. An energy efficient LED desk lamp works well as a study light or task light and can also tie the look of a room together depending on the style.

Unlike floor lamps, they save space on the floor by sitting on your desk or table instead. From the home office to the dorm room, use a study lamp for important tasks, to complement natural light in a room. Task lights also work in workshops or garages for repairs or maintenance at a workbench.

Certain options, like some LED desk lamps, include a USB port or offer wireless charging. That way, you can charge certain devices while you work. Some adjustable lamp options can feature an adjustable neck, which can bend to provide light where you need it. Swing arm desk lamp fixtures pivot to prove light while allowing you to control the position of the light source.

What is task lighting?

Task lighting, sometimes called work lighting, provides the right lighting needed to perform visual tasks. Unlike general or ambient light, which illuminates an entire room, task lighting emits concentrated lighting in a specific area, such as a counter or desk. Save your eyes and improve productivity with added illumination for reading, crafts, and other tasks like sewing or even building plastic models.

What desk lamps does HomElectrical offer?

We carry a wide variety of desk lamps from brands like LEDVANCE Sylvania and MaxLite. MaxLite offers 3.5W and 4W LED lamps which feature a USB 2.0 port. Their 3.5W option comes in white, black, green, and burgundy. Their 4W fixtures come in blue, green, burgundy, white, black, and pink.

LEDVANCE Sylvania offers a 1W LED desk lamp. These easy-to-use task lamps can mount almost anywhere with a clip and off a warm 3000K color temperature.

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