Shedding Light on... Retrofitting to LED

By Anonymous

For most companies and business owners, the question isn't if they should retrofit to LED lighting, but rather when does it make financial sense for them to switch over to the new energy-efficient, money-saving lighting technology?

While the cost per bulb of LEDs is more than other bulbs, the long-term costs of bulbs, replacements and overall maintenance factors out to be less because of an LEDs’ lifespan and far fewer watts used.

The benefits of switching from halogen or fluorescent bulbs has been well-documented by several organizations simply by comparing the Light-Emitting Diode (LED) to less efficient predecessors.

Light Bulb Life Span

Type of Bulb Watts Lifespan (hours) Annual Operating Cost Per Day
Incandescent Light Bulb 60 Watt Traditional 1,000 $4.80
Compact Fluorescents (CFLs) 15 Watt 10,000 $1.20
LED 12 Watt 25,000 $1.00

Other Benefits of LED Bulbs

The numbers in the table above clearly show that LED bulbs are superior in efficiency and have the capacity to outlast other bulbs while saving your company money. LED bulbs are gaining traction in both the corporate and private markets but there are still some questions that business owners have about LEDs that should be answered before they decide to retrofit.

One major question centers around what most people experienced when they retrofitted their home lights to CFLs, which is what is the real lifespan of these bulbs. With CFLs, consumers were promised a longer-lasting lightbulb that was better for the environment than traditional incandescent bulbs. What consumers got, however, were CFLs that were blowing out much quicker than promised and contained toxic chemicals including mercury.

Below are some of the clear-cut benefits of LEDs over halogens and fluorescents

  • LEDs do not contain any toxic chemicals.
  • LEDs are made to be turned on and off.
  • LEDs are well-suited for outdoor environments with extreme cold or extreme heat conditions.
  • LEDs can be controlled with software on the user’s computer or smartphone. Besides being controlled, detailed information about each LEDs’ watt-usage and performance can be analyzed by the user.
  • Fully dimmable.

The data is clear. The benefits are irrefutable. If you are interested in making a cost-effective and beneficial investment in your company that will allow you to spend less on energy and replacement bulbs, see our complete catalog at HomElectrical Electric Supply.

Shedding Light on... Retrofitting to LED