Save Money By Switching to LED Street Lights

By shakir_williams

LED street lights

LED light bulbs are gaining significant market exposure, and with good reasons. As you may know, LED bulbs are more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and a cost-saving alternative to the conventional incandescent and CFL light bulb. LED Street Lights deliver the best economic return compared to conventional alternatives -considering the total life-cycle costs including installation, maintenance, and energy. Retrofit Shoe Box Street Light Fixture to LED

ENERGY SAVING: LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

MONEY-SAVING: LED lights can save you thousands in electricity costs over its lifetime.

REDUCE COSTS: LED lights can help reduce maintenance and operation costs.

LONG-LASTING: LED lights can last for up to 30,000 hours.

VARIETY: LED lights come in a variety of styles, lumens and temperatures.

How Will I Benefit from Switching to LED Street Lights? 

reducecosts_1Reduces maintenance costs: Unlike high-pressure sodium street lights, LED’s light output does not depreciate over time, making maintenance costs of replacing them significantly lower. Retrofit Guide



Reduces operation costs: LED Street Lights can greatly reduce your utility bill, while still offering optimal brightness at a low wattage. They can also reduce energy consumption by 40 to 60 percent.




Reduces your carbon footprint: LED technology has a lot of potential to reduce light pollution and reduce global energy use.




Increases Driver Safety: Brighter and greater illumination can largely increase safety for drivers at night.




The cost of installing one street pole is $4000. This includes the costs of the bulb, pole, electrical wires, and labor. As a contractor, you can understand the importance of a return on your investment. If you want to make sure that investing in LED’s over traditional lights will have a better bottom line, check out the chart below: 


What Is My Potential Return on Investment (ROI) If I Switch to LED’s? 


ROI  LED vs. Fluorescent Light Bulbs LED vs. Sodium Light Bulbs

Lamp price per unit 

Investment for 2000 lamps 500
Investment price per unit $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Total Savings per year  $1,119,000 $513,000
Lifetime savings on lights $18,394,521 $8,432,887
Payback on LED investment 0.89 1.95 (under two years)

How Do LED’s Compare to Incandescent Bulbs and High-Pressure Sodium Street Lights?


LED Lamp Savings Fluorescent Street Lights  High Pressure Sodium Street Lights  LED Street Lights

Number of lights

$2,000 2000 2000
Electricity price per kwh  $0.20 $0.20 $0.20
Lamp hours per day  10 10 10
Maintenance per lamp (per year) $450 $220 $0.00
Lifetime hours per lamp 2,000 16,000
Watts consumed per lamp  250 150 60,000
Cost a year per 2000 lamps $365,000 $219,000 100
Total maintenance cost (per year) $9,000,000 $440,000 $0.00
Total cost a year (current prices) $1,265,000 $659,000 $146,000
Lifetime per lamp in years 0.55 4.38 16.44
Electricity/ Maintenance (lifetime) $20,794,521 $10,832,877 $2,400,000


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