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Browse our selection of LED wall sconces to be used in a variety of different indoor and outdoor locations. These light fixtures provide optimal lighting in places such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, hotels, restaurants, and more. Requiring less maintenance, these energy efficient light fixtures are great for any residential or commercial lighting applications. Shop for the perfect wall sconce for your building or business today!

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What and where are wall scones used for?

Depending on which LED wall sconce you choose, it can be used for indoor or outdoor lighting. Often used indoors, they are used in places such as bathrooms, for over-mirror lighting, hotels, furniture top lighting, makeup mirror lighting, and other spaces where vanity lighting with flood illumination is desired. Depending on which color temperature you choose, wall sconces provide an ambient, intimate, and personal mood with its warm white light that is ideal for living rooms, family rooms, restaurants, and hospitality environments. For outdoor lighting, a wall sconce can be used for security lighting, accent lighting, general lighting, residential lighting, restaurant lighting, outdoor lighting, and wall lighting.

Are all wall sconce lights flush mounted?

Wall sconces are wall mounted light fixtures that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their title will often tell you how the light is connected, but for the most part, a wall sconce is flush mounted and lightweight for easy installation. 

Why would I use a sconce light in a restaurant?

One of the many uses of a wall sconce is for accent lighting. Accent lighting can help emphasize important areas of a restaurant or business. These lights are meant to add depth, contrast and create a focal point for the eyes. Great for displays and highlighting certain areas, wall sconces can create the perfect desired atmosphere for your space. Read more on our Restaurant Lighting Guide!

Are wall sconces easy to install and to keep up with in maintenance?

Wall sconces are not only lightweight, but are easy to install and easy to maintain. These light fixtures are great in retail stores, hotels, office buildings, and other commercial locations due to their energy efficiency and cost savings. LEDs also have a long life span! Usually, these lights are rated to shine for 30,000-50,000 hours so that you don't have to worry about continuously replacing your light bulb. These lights are also safer than incandescent and fluorescent lighting solutions since LED lights do not contain mercury or lead.
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