AFX Lighting Wall Sconce

Brighten your living room, dining room, master bedroom, or hallway with a stylish wall sconce from AFX Lighting! These wall sconces blend traditional style with modern design and artistic flair. Whether you shop by style or functionality, you can find the perfect energy efficient LED wall sconce by AFX Lighting when you choose HomElectrical! Get free shipping on qualifying orders over $75.

What is the purpose of a wall sconce?

Wall sconces function as a type of wall lighting fixture that typically installs in areas like hallways or around focal points of a room, like a bed or mirror. They typically direct light upward, though some offer a downward facing light. Wall sconce fixtures can provide accent light, brighten dark corners to help the room feel larger, or help balance the light around a chandelier.

Wall sconces see use in rooms like hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can also use them in bathrooms. Where vanity lights typically feature a single, more linear design, you can use multiple wall sconce fixtures on either side of a mirror for additional light.

Wall sconces range in style from simple, traditional designs to modern and artistic.

Why choose AFX Lighting wall sconces?

AFX Lighting prides themselves on their selection of efficient and award-winning light fixtures. Utilizing the latest LED technology, AFX wall sconces provide a contemporary and upscale twist on traditional designs. They offer a selection of LED sconces designed for indoor. You can check here for their outdoor lights.

They offer styles to match almost any décor. Their fashionable fixtures include sleek, modern lighting designs, like this 20W LED Brink wall sconce, or simple, subtle designs, like their LED Apex wall sconce, which add a touch of décor.

What are lumens?

Lumens (lm) measure the amount of brightness from a bulb or fixture. More lumens mean a brighter light. While we used to buy light bulbs based on wattage, wattage does not indicate brightness. Instead, wattage measures the amount of power consumed. That’s why you can find many low wattage LED lights that still offer the same amount of light as higher wattage incandescent fixtures. They just use less energy!

What is color temperature?

Correlated color temperature (CCT) measures the appearance of the white light emitted by the bulb or fixture in degrees of Kelvins (K). This scale ranges from 1000K-10000K with most commercial and residential lighting falling between 2000K-6000K. They can provide temperatures from warm white, which features a yellow glow, to cool, daylight white, which features a bluer hue.

You can also find options that allow you to select a color temperature, known as Selectable CCT fixtures. These fixtures typically offer a few color temperature options that you can choose from instead of guessing the right temperature for your space. AFX Lighting offers options like the 17W LED Century Wall Sconce or the 17W Aberdeen sconce that offer a selectable CCT.

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