AFX Lighting Strip Light

Light your commercial space with the right LED strip light! AFX Lighting offers LED strip lights can brighten offices, corridors, garages, kitchens, and other public spaces. Their stylish fixtures feature additional bonuses, such as CCT selectable options as well as fixtures available in a variety of wattage and length options. Keep your space well-lit with AFX Lighting LED strip light fixtures found at HomElectrical!

What is the difference between a tape light and commercial strip light?

LED strip lights, commonly known as tape lights, typically consist of a flexible circuit board that uses surface mounting light emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide light. These strip lights can feature either single color options or a full RGB spectrum of color options. They’re typically about half an inch in width and can measure up to multiple feet in length. Certain options can cut down to size along designated points and may include an adhesive backing. This allows for easy mounting almost anywhere.

A commercial strip light, or strip light fixture, works as a linear fixture that brightens commercial spaces. Strip light fixtures may also work in garages, corridors, or other public spaces as surface mount ceiling fixtures. Depending on the light, they may also suspend from the ceiling. Commercial LED strips provide an energy efficient alternative to fluorescent fixtures. Unlike fluorescent lighting, LED turns instantly on without needing to warm up first.

AFX Lighting offers linear strip light fixtures.

Why choose an AFX Lighting strip light?

AFX Lighting offers the Coronado series of narrow, white LED strip light fixtures. This surface mounted ceiling fixture provides a wide light distribution and uses a white acrylic diffuser. They offer 17W, 22W, and 43W fixtures that use integrated LED modules and provide a cool white 4000K color temperature suitable for task lighting. They are cETLus listed for indoor damp locations.

AFX Lighting also offers award-wining fixtures that use energy efficient technology like LEDs. Their fixture includes overbed lights, pendant lights, fixed rail lights, wall sconces, and many more fixtures to light your home.

What color temperature do I need?

Color temperature describes the appearance of the light emitted by a bulb or fixture. It measures this in degrees of Kelvins (K) on a scale from 1000K-10000K. Lower color temperatures offer a warmer, redder light. Higher temperatures offer a cooler, bluer hue.

Common color temperatures include:

  • 2700K - warm white that provides a cozy ambiance. Often used in living rooms, restaurants, and hotels.
  • 3000K - soft white that provides a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Works well in kitchens and residential bathrooms.
  • 3500K - neutral white that provides a balanced and inviting feeling. Often used in offices and retail stores.
  • 4000K - bright white light that works well for task lighting. They often see use in kitchens, offices, vanities, and workspaces.
  • 5000K - daylight white provides a crisp light. Works well in industrial spaces, like factories, and commercial applications.

What are lumens?

Lumens measure the brightness of the light emitted by a bulb or fixture. Incandescent lights previously used wattage to indicate how bright a light would appear. However, because LEDs use much less power but still provide a bright light, wattage no longer offers a good brightness indicator. Instead, the higher the lumen output, the brighter the light.

For reference, a 60W incandescent bulb emits about 800 lumens. A 100W incandescent bulb emits about 1600 lumens. In comparison, an LED bulb that emits around 800 lumens uses about 9W. LED bulbs that emit around 1600 lumens use about 14W-17W.

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