AFX Lighting Overbed Light

AFX Lighting overbed lights provide a stylish way to brighten a bedroom without the need for a table lamp! AFX overbed lights offer benefits like a 4-way pull switch, integrated LED modules, and damp location ratings. Receive free shipping on qualified orders of AFX Lighting over bed lights at HomElectrical!

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What is an over bed light?

Over bed lighting, also referred to as headwall lighting, installs horizontally on the wall above a bed. Like other types of wall lighting, they work well in areas with limited space. Since they install on the wall, they don’t require you to create a hole in the wall or ceiling like with recessed ceiling lights.

Some AFX over bed lights feature an integrated, four position pull switch. The positions include on up for up lighting, on down for downlighting, on both, and all off. Certain options also use a single pull switch nightlight. You can find sleek fixtures like this Allen LED overbed light, or options that add a splash of décor, like this LED Apex option.

Where do you use an over bed light?

Over bed lights traditionally see use in senior care facilities and hospitals. They install behind the head of the bed to provide comfortable ambient light. AFX Lighting offers LED overbed light fixture options that work in residential applications as well.

You can also use them to round out the lighting in a residential bedroom. Pair them with a set of wall sconces or pendant lights on either side of the bed for a well-rounded lighting experience. Using a headwall light can also open up the sides of the bed to allow for easy access in or out of the bed. They also work well in areas where you cannot use a traditional table lamp or floor lamp.

Why choose AFX Lighting?

AFX Lighting crafts exceptional products based around three driving factors: design, efficiency, and technology. They offer efficient and environmentally friendly technology with fixtures that embrace LED technology and meet stringent efficiency codes. Their designs maximize the qualities of the latest lamp technology to give you the best lighting for the job.

In addition to their LED overbed lights, AFX Lighting also offers a variety of other light fixtures, including:

  • LED wall sconces
  • Pendant lights
  • Fixed rail lighting track
  • Flush and semi-flush mounts
  • Vanity lights
  • Wall packs

Their wide selection can brighten almost any room in or outside the home. Their LED sconces work well as accent lights, flush mounts brighten bedrooms and rooms with low ceilings, pendant lights add style in entryways, and much more.

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