ASK Series Ceiling Fan Heater

The Stelpro ASK series ceiling fan heater controls moisture build-up and efficiently heats rooms while saving wall space with its seamless ceiling installation. These durable heaters use a high-quality nichrome element that produces instant heat wherever it's needed. Keep your rooms warm and mirrors free from fog with an ASK ceiling fan heater from HomElectrical.

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What is the ASK ceiling fan heater?

The ASK ceiling fan heater, known in the Canadian market as the SK series heater, is perfect for bathrooms in both residential and commercial buildings. It heats effectively and it controls moisture build-up to keep mirrors and windows free from fog. The heater has a thin front grill, only 1/4 inch deep, and can be easily ceiling mounted parallel or perpendicular to ceiling beams. This model provides easy access for maintenance purposed and thermal protection with automatic reset. The nichrome element of the heater produces instant heat and can be controlled with either a built-in thermostat, wall thermostat, or a 60-minute timer. A 10-year warranty is provided for the unit and a 1-year warranty is provided for the other components. Keep your mirrors free from fog and your bathroom warm with a Stelpro ASK series ceiling fan heater from HomElectrical.
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