ADR Series Ceiling Fan Heater

The Stelpro ADR series ceiling fan heater combines convenient ceiling installation with energy-efficient performance to ensure your satisfaction for years to come. The ceiling installation keeps it out of reach from potential mishandling and allows it to recycle warm air that has gathered at the ceiling and redirect it towards the floor. Keep your home warm with an ADR series ceiling fan heater from HomElectrical.

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What is the ADR series ceiling fan heater?

This dragon ceiling fan heater is a perfect solution for keeping garages and outdoor workspaces warm. It eliminates cold airstreams from coming through doors. It has a state-of-the-art design with a 20-gauge steel cabinet, quiet helicoidal fan, and a totally enclosed, permanently lubricated motor that will last for years to come. It is built for ceiling installation to keep it out of reach and tamper-proof. This heater saves energy by gathering warm air that has risen to the ceiling and redirecting it down toward the floor.

What are the safety and efficiency features included in the ADR series ceiling fan heater?

The ADR series heater contains a nichrome element that produces instant heat and thermal protection is provided by the automatic reset feature. This heater also features a fan only mode for use in the warmer months. This ensures that your heater remains efficient and saves energy.

What differentiates this heater from an ADR series ceiling fan heater?

The ACF series ceiling fan heater is designed for more residential enclosed spaces. The ADR series ceiling fan heater is designed for use in garages and entryways to keep cold air away while also being energy-efficient.
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