ACF Series Ceiling Fan Heater

Save on space with the ACF series ceiling fan heater from Stelpro. The ceiling installation and ability to recess this heater makes it ideal for entryways, hallways, corridors, and other locations where there might not be a lot of wall space. Ensure that your entryways are warm with a Stelpro ACF ceiling fan heater available at HomElectrical.

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What is a ceiling fan heater?

A ceiling fan heater is best for efficient heating with the added benefit of saving wall space. It is made for ceiling installation for a tamper-proof and unobtrusive heating solution. This heater pushes heat downward to mix with cool air below, creating a head to toe heating space. The 20-gauge steel cabinet, 18-gauge steel grill, rounded sides, and epoxy-polyester powdercoat, this heater is made to last. This heater also now features an optional disconnect switch so you can control your heat your way. Whether it's installed in an entryway or hallway, the Stelpro ACF series ceiling fan heater has all the heat you need for your enclosed spaces.

How much space does a ceiling fan heater heat?

It can heat up to a 200 square foot room from head to toe.

What differentiates this heater from an ADR series ceiling fan heater?

The ACF series ceiling fan heater is designed for more residential enclosed spaces. The ADR series ceiling fan heater is designed for use in garages and entryways to keep cold air away while also being energy-efficient.
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