Amantii Decorative Media

Spice up your Amantii electric fireplace with a selection of decorative media kits and accessories! Amantii's fire glass adds a distinctly modern feel to your fireplace. Their fire glass kits and log sets create the comfortable ambiance of a wood-burning fire without needing wood-burning stoves or fireplaces. Shop HomElectrical to find a wide variety of Amantii fireplace media options!

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What is decorative media?

Amantii's decorative media kits turn your fireplace into an expressive work of art. These fireplace accessories function as an additional design option to enhance the appearance of the fireplace. Log sets offer a realistic wood appearance. Amantii offers media kits that include log sets, realistic ember beds, stones, and more. Decorative fire glass media adds a beautiful addition to your fireplace. Some of their media kits mix colors and textures to provide a unique stylistic combination.

Amantii's fire glass is tempered and will not melt or degrade. However, some discoloration is normal on glass placed directly on the flame. Check the product description to see if the media works with your fireplace. Additionally, Amantii advises to always wear protective gloves when handling fire glass media.

What decorative media does Amantii offer?

Amantii offers various styles of media that may work with electric fireplaces. Their fire glass comes in many colors, including black, orange, amber, Suntea, champagne reflective, white, dusty purple, and much more. They also feature stylish fire glass kits that use clear and acrylic nuggets and an ember fire glass kit that features three different colors.

Their electric fireplace media includes many log sets that can add a natural, realistic wood appearance to your fireplace. Additionally, these log sets cannot see use with a fire pit, cast iron or wood-burning stove, or wood-burning fireplace as they are not real wood. Amantii also offers media sets that include decorative embers, fire glass, and log sets.

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