Vivio Lighting Wall Sconce

Vivio Lighting by HOMEnhancements carries a wide array of wall sconces that fit various décor and functional needs. Find the perfect wall sconce for your bedroom, bathroom, hallways, living room, or commercial space!

Where can I put a wall sconce?

Wall sconces install on walls in bathrooms, hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms at home and in public spaces such as hotels and restaurants. Wall mount sconces work great over bathroom mirrors and in other spaces that require flood lighting. They not only provide lighting but can provide stylish decoration as well. Customize the light fixture to the interior design needs of the room by choosing the best style, size, and finish that matches the rest of the space.

In restaurants, wall lights provide accent lighting which emphasizes focal points and adds depth and contrast, creating the perfect atmosphere. Read more about restaurant lighting here on our blog!

In museums and other spaces, wall lights serve as accent lighting over the items on display. Picture lights direct the eye towards the focal points of the museum.

What is the difference between uplight and downlight?

Uplight and downlight refer to the way that the light bulb casts its beam. On uplight fixtures, the shade casts the light up to the ceiling, while the shade on downlight fixtures casts down to the floor. Downlight works best for task lighting and security purposes, making these great for a bathroom vanity, kitchen, or hallway. Uplight works best as ambient lighting or to highlight specific areas.

For the best combination of the two types of lights, use layered lighting that combines uplight and downlight. Put accent lighting, task lighting, and general lighting in all rooms to create a space that looks natural and beautiful.

What options does Vivio Lighting Offer?

Vivio Lighting prides itself on making stylish, modern wall sconces and other fixtures. These fixtures have easy installation and plug in wall options that will satisfy your wall lighting needs!

Vivio Lighting carries wall lamps in a wide array of sizes, colors, and finish options so that you can choose the best fixture for the space. Color and finish options include matte black, chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black with wood style accents. Fixtures range from single bulb to 4-bulb. Glass shade finish options include clear glass, bubble glass, and seeded glass. Shapes include rectangular, hanging, and multi-bulb fixtures. Fixtures can match many design styles, such as minimalism, mid-century modern, and traditional.

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