Vivio Lighting Outdoor Lights

Keep your outdoor space functional after sundown with outdoor lights from Vivio Lighting by HOMEnhancements. These high quality, stylish lights add both illumination and décor to any outdoor area and uses standard sized LED bulbs. Browse HomElectrical to find the perfect light set for your outdoor space!

Why choose Vivio Lighting?

Vivio Lighting prides themselves on making high end, modern fixtures, including outdoor lights. These fixtures not only provide light, but they also make your home look updated and sophisticated. Adding Vivio Lighting products to your backyard or any other outdoor space will spruce it up and make it livelier. Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean you have to go inside! You and your guests will love the look and feel of your outdoor space with Vivio Lighting lights!

What is a barn light?

As their name may tell you, barn lights got their origin from agricultural settings, but they now see use in many commercial and residential areas. Gooseneck lighting affixes the shade to a curved arm. The shade points downward and directs light onto sidewalks or porches. Barn lights can also work indoors in a kitchen or bathroom. Outdoors, barn lights offer illumination and security lighting, as well as focal points for commercial buildings.

Vivio Lighting offers three different size options which allow you to choose exactly how much illumination you want in your space.

What is a patio light?

Patio wall lights direct light downwards, which works well in tasks such as grilling. When placed near seating areas, outdoor wall lights add ambient lighting that welcomes your guests with a warm glow. Their placement on the wall ensures that the lights blend in with their surroundings. Vivio Lighting offers different size options as well as 1-light bulb or 2-light bulb options.

What are the uses of string lights?

String lights, also called fairy lights, add both decoration and illumination to your outdoor space and allow you and your guests to enjoy the area at any time of night. They illuminate your entire space without the harshness of flood lights. Customize your space by choosing string light sets with your preferred length and number of bulbs. These heavy-duty lights create a whimsical and airy atmosphere your guests will love.

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