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Vivio Lighting by HOMEnhancements offers modern chandelier options that provide a beautiful focal point in any room. Find the perfect Vivio Lighting chandelier at HomElectrical!

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Where should I put my chandelier?

Unlike a pendant light, which features a light hanging down from a single fixture, a chandeliers features many lights branching out from the fixture. Chandeliers work great in entryways, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even in a bathroom vanity. Hanging a chandelier can add an ornate or a modern look to any room and can work with other ceiling lights to provide ambient lighting. Place a chandelier light fixture above a kitchen island or dining room table or use an eye-catching dining room chandelier to bring the room together for your guests.

What are the color finish options?

Vivio Lighting offers chandeliers in the following finish options:

  • polished nickel
  • matte black
  • chrome with matte black accents
  • matte black with chrome accents
  • matte gold
  • matte black/gold
  • brushed nickel

Choose the finish that best matches the room’s current décor and gives the room your desired look and feel, such as minimalist, mid-century, or modern farmhouse. Two-tone chandeliers can add a pop of color. Nickel and chrome look more modern, while gold looks more traditional. You can choose styles that compliment other lighting fixtures in the room, such as a light wall sconce or string lights. Vivio Lighting makes chandeliers in a wide variety of sizes, so, along with color, choose the size that best fits your room.

What are the glass options?

Vivio Lighting chandeliers feature many great options for refracting light. Choose white or frosted glass to give your room a soft glow, or you can use uncovered light bulbs to cast a more direct source of light.

What are the advantages of Vivio Lighting chandeliers?

Vivio Lighting designs stylish chandeliers for the modern consumer. These products use high quality materials that bring fashion and function together in your room, and, best of all, they have easy assembly!

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